We use only the best ingredients to keep
you coming back AGAIN ANd again

wtsp's STORY.....well some of it............

& Most Importantly...


From humble beginnings come great things...

We started humbly but with a clear plan:

To create a destination stop that we can grow with all while helping improve our community and providing a Michigan based food & beer stop that's a fan fav!

Basketball made this dream possible. So we wanted to make sure we could give everyone a comfortable local spot to hit when they wanted to get out of the house, grab a brew and a bite while watching their teams!

Our secret? It's not one, admittedly. But, a great team, hard work and the best fresh local ingredients seem to be a good recipe so far. An unrelenting love for all things Michigan is another big part. 


Turns out we also like people, and we hope to share our love for what we're doing with you.